What women must do

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Today, you can find me blogging in two places.

Over at Voxxi Mujer, talking about what role women have in body image standards reform.  In this piece, the essential point is this: we have to change our conversations in order for the body image conversations to change.

An excerpt:  As women, we need to be indignant at our individual denial of our uniqueness and its value.  We need to stop each other from making critical remarks about ourselves, we need to stop ourselves from doing the same.  We need to realize we manifest what we pay attention to and so, for each time we place value in standardized beauty and body ideals, we are supporting and promoting those ideals.

Check out the whole post here.  

On Mamiverse, I am blogging about sorting and organizing in anticipation of spring.  You’ll see my ten go-to tips for moving through your home so that it becomes easier to move through your home.

Happy day!

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