Join me and Marci Anderson for a January 25th Twitter Chat.

I hope you’ll join me and Marci Anderson, a fabulous RD, for a twitter chat on January 25th at 8:30pm EST.  We’ll be talking about the new year and what we can and are doing to intentionally embrace wellness.  This talk is great for anyone who enjoys a positive environment, sharing ideas, and thinking about how he or she can impact one’s health.

If you’re new to Twitter, here’s a primer on how to participate. It’s simple, go to and enter the keyword “#endED” and it will appear as if you’re in a chat room. Watch the tweets stream live and join in on the conversation. Be sure to follow @MarciRD and@RosieMolinary.

Every few minutes, we’ll post a question and all you do is share your answer and learn from everyone else’s great answers.  Here are the questions we’ll be using:

1. Are there rituals/exercises you start the year with in order to inspire you to joyfully, deliberately live well?

2. What is your vision for yourself this year?

3. What do you already want to celebrate about the way you are intentionally embracing wellness this year?

4. Wellbeing encompasses physical, emotional, mental + spiritual health. How are you caring for yourself in these areas?

5. What ways do you still need support for your journey this year?

6. What wisdom can you share with all of us about embracing wellness and ending ED?

If you haven’t tried a twitter chat yet, try this one. It’s such a powerful forum for learning and support!  A bonus:  we’ll be giving away a copy of Beautiful You to one participant.

For more information, visit this page.  

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