2012 as seen in words

GROW  happiness  CONTENT  book  NO

wholehearted  AUTHENTICITY  practice

 ACTION  lush  INTENTIONAL  goddess

 EXPAND  balance  ME  boundaries  FRESH

nonapologetic  CONFIDENT  prepared  JOY

BELIEVE  gratitude  ORGANIZATION  propel

STABILITY  expansion  HAPPY  forward  


 restoration  LOVE  heal  REBIRTH  intentionality  

COURAGE  ignite  CONTENTMENT  challenge 


These words.  These beautiful, powerful, grounding, guiding words.  These are the words you have shared.  The words you have chosen for your year.  But they are more than words, aren’t they?  These are our wishes, our clarion calls, our dreams.  When the world is quiet at night, these are the words we will return to, our touchstones to gauge how intentional we are being, how much we are offering ourselves what we want.  These words are our home base when the world gets hairy or unfriendly or hard.  When we face our deepest challenges, we will whisper to ourselves, “courage, challenge, peace, confidence, surrender, authenticity, intentional” and we will know which way is true, we will see our way forward.  These words are our mini-manifestos for the year ahead.  May each one of us have the year of our imagining and know that though the year will serve us surprises that we could never have imagined, by choosing our intention this year with our word, we have made it malleable.  We have placed our fingerprint into our year with our word, and we have claimed that we can and will make it our own, even in the midst of its surprises.

Here’s to a 2012 filled with all of those good things we embraced above.  Godspeed.

Still want to claim your word for 2012?  Share it now!























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5 responses to “2012 as seen in words”

  1. Darcy

    my word is “enough”

    1. Denise

      I kind of love that!

  2. Mary

    I think my word(s) is: BE ME
    I’ve been thinking about this for the last couple of weeks. I’ve spent the past year really working on how I a relating to others around me and how to better those relationships despite the lack of desire on the part of others to engage in that process with me. It has been productive on the one hand and terribly frustrating on the other. So, this year, I think I am going to give it a bit of a rest and just BE ME and let that be enough. I’m going to try to step up some efforts on my physical self and focus on eating and exercise.
    Part of this was going to be a break from relationship, selfhelp, and communication books but then I read something about Harriet Lerner’s new book and joined an online Stepmom’s bookclub so I may need to refine exactly what it means to BE ME! Haha – only 9 days into the new year!
    Happy New Year Rosie! May it be a year filled with many blessings for you and your family!

  3. Amy Richard

    It is weird to say that someone who I’ve never met has inspired me to get up and go this year. I bought your book Beautiful a year ago and started to complete it but realized I just wasn’t ready. I now feel like I am and have started up again. Plan on finishing a blog with my responses. Thank you for all that you do!!

    love and peace,


  4. Denise

    My word is “routine.” The good kind. The helpful kind. The gentle discipline kind. I’m allowing myself the pleasure of being a very small child again who needs routines to feel good, rested, happy, and whole.

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