Price of Beauty # 3


You might recall that on October 23 I made the commitment to track my beauty spending in a post called The Price of Beauty.

I figured the best way to update you here is to do a post once a month so here is this months’ beauty spending and some observations.

December 2011 Spending $57  (getting my hair did, eyebrows waxed, and buying some hair product)

November 2011 Spending $31   (eyebrows waxed, shampoo and conditioner)

October 2011 Spending $12.89 (curling iron)

1 quarter of spending:  $100.89

Observations:  If someone had asked me to guess how much I spent on beauty in a quarter, I would have said under $100 (knowing that I typically get my eyebrows done and hair trimmed at least quarterly, I do know that I spend at least $60 and so I would have thought that it stayed pretty close to that amount).  This year, I spent over $100 and so my first goal is to get under $100 for the next quarter.  My eyebrows were waxed twice this quarter which isn’t a usual regular expense, but I had a new person wax them and they got a bit jacked up so I needed to go back and have my usual girl tweak them so they could grow in the way that I like.  I think once they are fixed, I’ll be able to go back to grooming mostly on my own.  That said, I am ever aware that with beauty if it’s not one thing, it’s another.  If it’s not my eyebrows that get jacked up this quarter, it might be that I run out of moisturizer next quarter or whatever.  The key for me will be to always play to real need.  For example, several years ago, I discovered that I had a drawerful of hair product.  Hair product is my thing but that is a whole ‘nother post.  Anyway, I decided then and there that I couldn’t buy any new hair product that I already had covered in my drawer until the drawer was open (for example, the hair product I just recently bought was a small bottle of some light hair spray — I had a brush accident in the section right by my face and have all sorts of fairly obvious breakage in there.  I was thinking some hairspray might conceal my accident and hairspray wasn’t something I already owned).  I am getting down to my least favorite hair products in the drawer but I am holding course with my rule.  No new replacement products until these are used– the end- and then one product at a time that gets used up before I try something else.

Have you been tracking your beauty spending?  What observations have you made?



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