Claim Your Care and a Round Up


It is Day 6 of Claim Your Care. How is it going for you?  I have found that just naming my desire for greater self-care has really improved my self-care– that claiming my care has indeed caused me to claim my care.  So far, here is what my self-care has looked liked in the last five days:

December 1: Going out to lunch and shopping solo.  In my head, I really felt like I needed to work but I decided to really push myself to take a break while I had some childcare so I went out to lunch- and didn’t papers to grade with me- and then did a little bit of shopping before heading home refreshed.

December 2: I tried hot yoga for the first time.  Holy wow!  It was intense but I really enjoyed it which was a total surprise as I tend to like my yoga un-intense.  Hot yoga serves another purpose- I can see both types of yoga in my life- and left me very invigorated.

December 3:  Got in a cardio workout first thing because we had a day FULL of family time ahead of us.  The family time was really nice, too.

December 4:  More family time and then house decorating.  We cut down our own Christmas tree– an item on the birthday list.  And I finished a book whose ending I was dying to know.

December 5: An evening workout to wrap up the day (and, if we are completely honest, I totally slept through my alarm which clearly means that I needed the extra zzzz after a busy weekend).

How is your claiming your care going?  What have you done for you lately?

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