Monday Senses

This weekend was filled with all sorts of celebrating and family time.  We have a new niece.  There was a parade, a festival, lights to see, and a tree to cut.  All the busy-ness meant no computer time so Saturday senses actually arrive today!  Here we go…

a way to capture the senses of each week… 

tasting ::  our first batch of broccoli from our winter garden.  Absolutely delicious!    

hearing ::  the sweet audiobooks we had the grandparents record for Happy to enjoy over the holiday season.  Happy listens to them over and over again (and, hence, so do we!).        

smelling ::  the yummy goodness of roasted vegetables.      

seeing ::  fun holiday decorations beginning to give the house that perfect December feel.     

feeling :: so grateful for an amazing family weekend and so happy to have welcomed the newest member of our family to the fold.  

wishing/hoping :: for an efficient grading week so that I can exhale and really enjoy the holiday season.     

What about you?  What were your sensational experiences this week?  Please tell me all about it!

This post was inspired by Teacher Goes Back to School who was inspired by Pink of Perfection’s Five Sense Friday.

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