Claim Your Care Kick-Off

It is time!

Claim Your Care December is here.

And it is now time for all of us to start claiming our care?

Missed the Claim Your Care announcement?  Here’s an excerpt:

I’ve decided to make my job be to not just claim time for my self-care every day during the month of December but to also encourage you to claim yours.  Every weekday this month (one of my self-care behaviors is that I try to take the weekend off from being wired), I’ll be asking you to claim your care:  to share how you specifically cared for you that day or will care for you that day.  By claiming that commitment, we are more likely to carry through and when we are well-cared for, it’s amazing the ripple effect that care can have on everyone else around us.  You can claim your care by doing something, anything, for your mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual well-being.

Today’s challenge?  To plan your care.  I have found that my self-care is far more likely to happen if I plan for it.  So, here it is, my plan for self-care between now and Monday.

December 1: I’m going to take my self shopping for a couple hours to meet a challenge that I issued to myself in November, and I will also get in a cardio workout.

December 2:  I’m taking hot yoga for the first time in celebration of a friend’s birthday and professional achievements.  I’m scared and excited all in one!

December 3:  I’m taking a Pilates mat class.

December 4:  I plan to get at least a 30 minutes of fun reading in.

Will you share your plan, too?

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One response to “Claim Your Care Kick-Off”

  1. Jamie

    December 1–I did Lectio Divina this morning and will be trying it every day for 30 days (maybe not always in the morning). Tonight I will go for a walk
    December 2–I will do some yoga
    December 3–I am going with my family to be extras (filling up a church) for a movie–seems fun
    December 4–I will take myself to Starbucks in the morning and journal while I am there

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