Counting your blessings…

To think of summarizing my blessings on one day each year feels a bit overwhelming.  Surely, I’ll forget something or someone and well, then, I’ll just feel awful (instead of grateful).  And so I opt for a tradition that many of us are familiar with… the gratitude journal.  Today’s post is adapted from Day 151 in Beautiful You:

Too often, we fail to see the miracles and beauty in our days. Yet gratitude is such an important contributor to our sense of happiness and well-being. The Gratitude Journal gained fame after Oprah Winfrey featured it on her show. The concept, which comes from the Quaker tradition, is to write a gratitude list that celebrates three to five things, no matter how small, each night. By grounding yourself in the things for which you are grateful, you become even more empowered to explore your life’s possibilities.  You also allow a very deliberate embrace of positive energy while exercising deliberate self-awareness.

Today, share five things for which you are already especially grateful this week.  I’ll start:

1.  Having the chance to spend this past weekend with my parents with no real agenda other than being together.  Living in different states, my family doesn’t get enough time with them and so I am always happy to just enjoy their company.

2.  My parents recorded an audiobook for Happy while we were visiting them this past weekend.  We “read” it all the time.  I love having my parents voices nearby, even when we aren’t on the phone.

3.  Beautiful weather.  We’ve had a few gorgeous days strung together.  Wow.

4.  My Sugar Shack and BF for building it.  I love that space.  I only get at most 9 hours in it a week but I love every minute in that space.

5.  My friends.  Several of them took the morning off to celebrate my birthday by making vision boards.  How lucky am I?

Now, your turn, five blessings from this week….


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3 responses to “Counting your blessings…”

  1. oliver danni

    1. All the food I collected at the store today in preparation for tomorrow’s cooking shenanigans!
    2. My friends, some of whom are coming to celebrate Thanksgiving with me!
    3. My a cappella ensemble and how awesome we sounded this week in rehearsal!
    4. People enjoying the food I make for them!
    5. Being surrounded by soft, fuzzy purple things in my own bedroom and feeling safe in a space that is mine and only mine.

  2. PJ

    I love your #5! That sounds like a wonderful way to spend your birthday 🙂
    Now for my 5 blessings…
    1. four days (!!) of feeling my normal happy cheery confident self again. I haven’t seen her for a very long time, and I hope she hangs around!!
    2. feeling confident enough to share something with my husband that was worrying me – and being able to let him help me.
    3. my job – I love my job. It is so much fun!!
    4. snuggles and hugs and kisses from my children who still want to hold my hand in public.
    5. My eldest using our ‘secret questions’ book to ask me a personal question about herself. I really hope this continues so that in her teens if she has any really serious questions to ask me and doesn’t feel she can do it face to face she always knows she can write it in our secrets book.

  3. Cheryl

    I have a lot of blessing should i need to count..I cant tell it one by one..But for me that I feel very happy because I’m really blessed..

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