what’s your fun?

I was riding in the car today when I turned on the radio and heard just the very end of an interview on food.  What I did hear was this line (although I am not sure what the question was to correlate it with food):

You alone know your fun.  

I then proceeded to miss the rest of the interview because I was thinking about what my fun is.

Fun.  I think it is often underrated.  We often put off fun because we don’t think it is productive; it doesn’t get us where we need to go.  And, yet, fun adds so much enjoyment to our lives that I really do believe it does add to our productivity because it adds to our happiness.  But it does more than add to our productivity, doesn’t it?  Doesn’t it make us real?  Doesn’t it help us realize our truest self?

I think it does.  So today’s focus is on fun.

Here’s what I want you to do.  Take a sheet of paper out and jot down 25 of your funs.  I’m not saying that you can only have 25 funs.  Just that right now, I want you to write a list of at least 25 things you find fun.  If you can keep going after 25, keep going.  But definitely work to get your 25 down.

Now, really quickly, I am going to jot down 25 of mine:

Trying a new recipe  *  Stand-up Paddling  *  Reading a good book  *  Painting  *  Baking with Happy  *  Kayaking  *  Hiking  *  Going to the movies  *  Surfing  *  Catching up with friends  *  Watching football  *  Listening to live music  *  Traveling  *  Writing  * Horseback riding  *  Being with horses  *  Playing fantasy football  *  Watching sports live *  Yoga  *  Pilates  *  Watching dance  *  Visiting family  *  Singing  with Happy  *  Eating ice-cream  *  Buying ‘school’ supplies

By the way, I asked BF what I liked to do and he said, “sleep.”  That did not make it on the list because I just can’t square sleeping with actually having fun.

Now, take a look at your list o’ fun and consider what item you can do today to give yourself a little bit of fun.  Next, look at the list and consider what you can do by Sunday to give yourself a whole lotta fun.

Claim those commitments here with a comment– what are you going to do to add a little fun and a lotta fun to your life over the next few days?

As for me, I definitely have new recipes in my immediate future (I am making spaghetti squash and brussels sprouts for the first time) and some live football watching in my close future.

Let’s go have some fun.











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  1. Doreen Pendgracs

    What a terrific post!

    It’s a great idea to remind ourselves of what truly gives us pleasure. Think it’s something I’ll add to my Success Journal!

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