Happy Love Your Body Day!

This morning, wake up and say thank you to your body.  Feel the stretch, strain, and enjoyment of things as they settle into place while you move through your morning, preparing.  Relish that your body is already ready for what you might send its way.  Celebrate that it understands its place in  your life and is willing to do what you ask of it.  It is your vehicle, your access point to the world, and it is happy to take you there.  So as you go through your day today, say gentle thank yous to this body that allows you to do what you do, love what you love, and hope what you hope.  Promise it that the tenderness with which you regarded it this morning will be the tenderness that you use moving forward.  If you slip for a moment, know that you are not bad, you are simply learning a new way of being in this world, a new way of loving yourself, a new way of making room to really engage you world because you are moving past yourself and your old woes.  And then return to this promise, this pledge to yourself, this way of honoring you so that you may honor everything else in your life.  Honor your body because it has given you this gift of experiencing life.  And embrace it as it takes you on the journey only you were meant to have.

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3 responses to “Happy Love Your Body Day!”

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    […] I believe in this work. If you want to know why I believe in coaching, then it helps to know my story. Here’s a Q & A I did for a giveaway I’m providing for Love Your Body Day. […]

  2. Naked Moxie

    I love this post! Amen to loving our bodies exactly how they are and truly realizing how blessed we are to wake up every day in them. Your post is an inspiration. Excellent!

  3. yoginibunny

    thank you for this Rosie- as usual, you’ve delivered an inspirational, compassionate and important message!i think i will print this out and share this with my yoga class tomorrow evening. we judge our bodies far too much and this writing is such a good antidote.

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