A word for this day

So, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about words.  Not words that are linked in sentences but individual words and how they resonate with me (or others).  So today’s post is about intention, about choosing a word that you will carry for a day.  Take a moment to look over the words below.  These are just some of the words that have been on my mind lately.  Does one of them stand out to you, saying PICK ME! PICK ME!  If so, choose that word to be your intention for the next 24 hours.  If none of these words speak to you, close your eyes. Go quiet for a moment.  And then let the first word that pops up be your word for the next 24 hours (maybe that word was on the list and maybe it wasn’t).  See where it takes you.  I invite you to share your word in the comments and to come back and share how caring that word for the day impacted how you loved that day.

Luscious. Illuminating. Joy. Happy. Magic. Luminescent. Live. Life. Flow. Passion. Purpose. Mission. Audacity. Wisdom. Authentic. Thankful. Gratitude.  Plunge.  Power. Empower. Playful. Bold. Intrepid.  Balance.  Hope. Create. Instigate. Confident. Clear. Growing. Exploring. Blessed. Whole. Loved. Loving. Discovery. Believe. Connection. Community. Sacred. Enough. Soulfulness. Choice. Listen. Deserving. Whole. Enjoyment. Kindness.   Possibility. Transformation. Wellbeing. Attention. Light. Energetic. Awake. Accepting.  Accepted. Peace. Contentment. Committed. Genius. Focus. Alchemy. Brilliant. Learn. Willing. Decisive. Investment. Understand. Transform. Yes. Clear. Radical. Simplicity. Serendipity. Synchronicity.


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