Going All Natural

Jamie Lee Curtis all natural for a 2002 More magazine spread

It is that time of the semester again:  All NATURAL DAY!  And you are cordially invited (and strongly encouraged) to participate with us!

On October 12, we will be celebrating All Natural Day in body image class.  What is All Natural Day?  A chance for all of us to become reacquainted with the skin we’re in.  Next Wednesday, we will all go all natural from 6 am until 6 pm.  Yep, that’s right—twelve hours of just letting your skin breathe and projecting your natural self.

Does the idea of this make you uncomfortable?  It probably does.  And that’s okay.  Part of this experiment is having you move through the discomfort to get to the other side where you realize that while enhancements can be temporary fun, they don’t have to define you, and you aren’t beholden to them.

So on the morning of October 12th, feel free to take a shower, put on moisturizer (as long as it is not tinted or light-reflecting), brush your hair and your teeth but that’s where the primping ends.

Here are some things that should not be part of your All Natural Friday:

Contacts (yep, wear your glasses!)

Perfume/ Cologne


Fake eyelashes

Weave or extensions (the clip in kind.  If it’s sewn in, you can keep it there!)


Hair products- from mouse to frizz cream

Flat Iron/ Curling Iron/ Rollers

I am sure I’ve left something off the list so, here’s the deal, if anything feels like it could be an enhancement, it probably is- so skip it.

And while it would be tempting to just throw on sweats (and pull your hair back if you have longer hair), I encourage you to get dressed as you normally would for the day- showing yourself that you don’t have to be dressed down in order to forego enhancements.

Want to take the challenge one step further?  If you are on a social media site, change your profile picture to feature one of you without the enhancements and encourage your followers/ friends to do the same.  If you do it, please send me a link or copy of the photo on Facebook!

Here’s to loving the skin we’re in, just as it is.

So, are you in?  Where will you be going on Wednesday all natural?


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7 responses to “Going All Natural”

  1. Going All Natural | Indigo + Canary

    […] friend Rosie Molinary, author of Beautiful You, blogged today about her annual All Natural Day on Oct. 12, and I wanted to share it with you. On this day, she and the students in her Body Image […]

  2. Aleigh

    Hi Rosie! I shared this on my blog today, too. I have a few meetings scheduled for Oct. 12 that might make it a bit of a challenge to go all out, but I’m going to go as bare-faced as I can! 🙂

  3. Lydia @ See Beautiful

    OH, See Beautiful is ALL OVER this! Thanks for the inspiration. We’ll be featuring it on our blog with links back to you! Happy seeing beautiful!

  4. JL @ Stop Chasing Skinny

    I’m in! I’m going to post this on Stop Chasing Skinny this weekend and see if others will join in on October 12, too! Still deciding but think at a minimum I will wear my glasses and not use any hair product. By the way, that Jamie Lee Curtis pic has been so inspiring to me. It’s one of the reasons I decided to just let me hair go grey. Liberating!

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    […] October 12 Rosie Molinary wants us to Go All Natural.  Rosie included the now infamous picture of Jamie Lee Curtis when she posed, untouched for MORE […]

  6. Kate

    I’m in! And, I’ll probably post about it on my blog and link back to you, if that’s okay. 🙂

  7. The 3Rs | Rosie Molinary

    […] 1.  This Wednesday is All Natural Day.  Be fresh-faced that day and embrace your natural mission!  Details here. […]

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