When the Robe Hits the Ground, a guest post from Sheryl Warwick

Today’s post comes from Sheryl Warwick.  Sheryl is the owner and artist behindWarwick Boudoir in Houston, Texas.

Women are notorious for having body image issues.  I see their everyday struggle on the front lines of the war as a boudoir photographer.  Women schedule to shoot with me often as a gift to their fiancé or just something special as they turn 40.  Regardless of the reason, I see a varied cast of body shapes and sizes come through my doors.  The photos are often in lingerie or they shoot implied nudity where all the naughty parts are covered up.  So when women are self conscious, I get to see exactly what they fear.

I don’t have any empirical data, just casual observations from shooting 3 girls a week for the past few years.  I have noticed, however, that body images haunts girls from every shape and size.  There are girls that are absolutely flawless that complain to the heavens.  Then the following day I will have a larger lady that doesn’t have a care in the world.  I personally fall somewhere in between as do most women I photograph.  But I find it funny that women of every demographic and background have a varied view of their bodies.

My job is to make women look and feel beautiful from head to toe.  It’s not always an easy job when you can see women cringe in their smile as they feel the camera is judging them.  So for me I love women that have great body image, they are also more likely to let me share the photos online publicly for marketing purposes and to give more women the courage to step in front of the lens.  Many women choose to keep their photos private for job reasons or to not spoil a surprise.  However I have bombshells that don’t want their flaws exposed and women of size that want to show off their luscious curves.

Beauty is all in the eye of the beholder.  We have to learn to love our bodies just the way they are.  Next time you are feeling a little self-conscious about your weight, stop and think that the skinny girl next to you might be having twice the anxiety about it.  As women we unfortunately push ourselves to fit a certain mold, a luxury men don’t have to endure.  If we can find happiness in our own skin and convey that to other women, I think we will all find a better place and some piece of mind.  Maybe you too can find the courage to let some things go and get in front of the camera like my boudoir photography clients.  You might even let the world see you in all your glory is a giant leap, I know.  But when you bare it all in front of a camera that shows your true essence it’s like coming out of the closet.  When the robe hits the ground you have made that commitment of faith that you are comfortable with who you are and the body that you have.

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  1. Les Largaespada Azuara

    You have a wonderful gift… I have seen almost all until I saw the wonderful job you do. Thanks for helping other women see for themselves that they are as beautiful as they were meant to be

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