I am, I believe, I hope, I expect…

A few months ago, I was contacted by Amber Karnes, an amazing woman in Virginia who had found Beautiful You at her local libary.  Amber had the idea of creating a body image virtual book club and using Beautiful You as the kick-off book and wanted to know if I was okay with that.  Not only was I okay with that, I was in.  Amber planned an amazing 7 week experience with a weekly phone call and computer blackboard session that featured discussion about the self-acceptance/ Beautiful You process and a guest speaker about a variety of different pertinent issues.  It was an amazing experience.  The group members were honest, vulnerable and oh-so inspiring, and the guest speakers offered such great insight. 

The last night, we had a journaling session where we completed sentence stems.  Sentence Stems are one of my favorite ways to guide people in journaling.  I offer a few simple words to start a sentence and people take those openers to wherever they want to go.  Well, where our group went was just amazing.  So, for today, I want to share some of these sentence stems and the amazing answers with you- for your own inspiration and to also encourage you to complete them on your own.  Enjoy! 

If you are interested in bringing Beautiful You alive to a group you have in mind, and I can help, just be in touch.  I’d love to join in in some way!  Tomorrow, more sentence stems for your inspiration and contemplation!

Now, on to today’s stems.  How do you finish I am, I believe, I hope, and I expect?

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