So Long Two, Hello Three!

Today’s this moment is actually a collection of moments from Happy’s 2nd year. We’re saying goodbye to 2 and hello to 3 today. Sadly, the music I chose for the video (we make DVDs that Happy then obsesses over watching) isn’t authorized to be played on You Tube but if you want to see Happy’s second year fly by without a soundtrack, here’s the video!

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5 responses to “So Long Two, Hello Three!”

  1. Yvette

    Love it!! Ill be watching this a few times (Ok a few 100 times) today and over the weekend ;-D

    ********HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAPPY!!!********

  2. Kip DeForest

    Such a great collection of photos to show him growing, learning and loving! Happy 3, Happy!

  3. Heather Kelly

    I love it! Happy Happy Happy!!

  4. Rosa

    What precious precious memories!
    Congrats Mama and Papa Bear!!!
    P.S.We have been told by the powersthatB that we are recieving a baby from Colombia this year!!!4yrs gone 4 mths to go!!!xxRosa

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