What does self-acceptance mean to you?

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Holy cow!  The self-acceptance Twitter Party blew my mind.  Seriously. what a thoughtful, compassionate, authentic group of people gathered together in one spot.  In 75 minutes, we had 328 tweets.  If you missed it, if you were there and want more, I thought I’d compile some of the great insights shared here for all of us to ponder.  Question number one was what does self-acceptance mean to you and below you’ll see the answers listed by Twitter name.  What does self-acceptance mean to you?  What do these answers provoke in you? Let’s keep the conversation going! 

@PinkCrowStudio being as kind, tolerant and forgiving to myself as I am to other people

@NotaSkinnyVegan Self-acceptance means no judgment. I have been my harshest critic. I’m now my biggest fan.

@HolyHellions Finding joy in all my capabilities and silencing doubt in all my limitations.

@MichelleIcard It means not getting hung up. I can easily get lost in my mistakes. Self-acceptance means moving on.

@CarleneFutureRD Self acceptance=booting conventional beauty in favor of health &loving your body for all it does.Plus helping it b healthy

@rosiemolinary  self-acceptance ultimately frees u frm every1 else’s standards + allows u 2 begin the journey 2 ur fully realized best self

@iilusionofchaos Being ok with (and trying to embrace!) my flaws & imperfections. Easier said than done.

@mmarzipan self-acceptance is undying tenderness for your scary AND lovely parts, bravery to dig deep + never giving up on yourself.

@EmbraceSelfLove self acceptance means embracing all who we are, allllll parts of ourselves. For living as authentic as possible

@EmbraceSelfLove self acceptance is trust within who we are. Challenging ourselves, facing fears, and being loving, patient & kind to us

@ArtemisRetreats self acceptance for me is being kind & compassionate to my self

@EdenDiBianco self acceptance means not holding myself 2 the obsessive standard of perfection in my field #makeupartist

@EmbraceSelfLove within self acceptance I was better able to see the falls & trips are learning lessons. Trusted I am capable

@EgaJones Self acceptance means finding joy in your own company, even when you’re not so fun to be around.

@mmarzipan self-acceptance ALSO means giving myself license to take up as much space + be as totally phenomenal as I am in my dreams.

@lpsness self acceptance means loving who you are- faults, flaws, failures & all


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10 responses to “What does self-acceptance mean to you?”

  1. Marzipan

    love this. it was such an inspirational chat – GOOD WORK. xo

  2. PJ

    Love @mmarzipan comment – “giving myself license to take up space” and yours Rosie “frees u from everyone elses standards”.
    Amazing comments from everyone – can’t wait to read more 🙂

  3. Kendra (Embrace Self Love)

    Thank you so much for hosting this chat! It was a fantastic hour to spend talking about radical self acceptance and meeting new friends along the way!

  4. JL @ Stop Chasing Skinny

    It was a great Twitter party! I was so happy to “meet” you and the other phenomenal women. This really resonated with me: “@PinkCrowStudio being as kind, tolerant and forgiving to myself as I am to other people” I feel like I take great care to be compassionate to people (and animals!) but am not sure how often I take that same care to be compassionate to ME. Much to consider!

  5. j3ss

    That was my first Twitter party, great job!

  6. Kate

    this is amazing! i was so sad to miss it – can’t wait to read more on twitter!

  7. Joanne

    Wow – Rosie! Seems like a great conversation to have been a part of, sorry that I missed it. The one that resonated the most with me was “self acceptance means finding joy in your own company, even when you’re not so fun to be around.” Thanks for sharing with us non-Twitter folks.

  8. Lydia @ See Beautiful

    This is precisely why you’re our See Beautiful of the month. Getting to read how others were empowered was simply inspiring. Thank you.

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