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photo by Jill E. Williams

Play date

  This is going to sound ironic, but I am going to go ahead and say it.  I want you to do one thing today.  Schedule play.  Schedule play?  You say.  Um, shouldn’t play be spontanous.  Well, yes, it would be fabulous if it was but rarely is it spontaneous, even rarer does does it ever […]

The Case for Care

The Case for Care

When I was twenty-four, I broke myself.  My whole darn self. I was a passionate, young teacher, coach, and administrator.  I threw myself into doing everything I could for the school where I taught and my kids (I called them my ‘cute ones’).  There was never going to be that day again, that kid, that […]

Horses. Hope. Healing: a retreat for cancer survivors

Horses. Hope. Healing: a retreat for cancer survivors

  I am so excited to announce this upcoming retreat.  My friend, Kris, and I partnered together to the Girl Power equine assisted learning and self-discovery camp this summer and we’re partnering together again to do a variety of women’s programs this fall and next year.  Our first program is this October and will be for female cancer survivors.  […]

Happy waking up delighted on his birthday

What’s your default?

During our second celebration of Happy’s First Thanksgiving (we celebrate Thanksgiving with both families on Thanksgiving day in a fine example of our general insanity), Gracie, his sweet cousin who is a year older than Happy and his best bud, walked up to her mom (my sister) and said, “Where’s Happy?”  At this point, Happy was still going by his […]

So Long Two, Hello Three!

Today’s this moment is actually a collection of moments from Happy’s 2nd year. We’re saying goodbye to 2 and hello to 3 today. Sadly, the music I chose for the video (we make DVDs that Happy then obsesses over watching) isn’t authorized to be played on You Tube but if you want to see Happy’s second year fly […]

photo by Jill E. Williams

What’s your theme?

  On Tuesday’s post, a reader comment reminded me of this passage from a Stephen King short story:  The most important things are the hardest things to say.  They are the things that you get ashamed of, because words diminish them— words shrink things that seemed limitless when they were in your head to no […]

photo by Jill E. Williams

Today’s tool: a personal mission statement

Writing a personal mission statement is something that I always had my college and summer students (who were in high school) do.  Mission statements allow you to voice what it is you want for yourself, how you want to be the world, what matters to you, your dreams.  Claiming all of this for yourself, in writing, can […]

Keynote Speaker, Loyola University

photo by Jill E. Williams

Let your light shine

In our first house as a married couple, BF and I lived next door to the sweetest family with toddler boys that we just adored.  One summer night, we were all moving between the two front yards, talking, playing, laughing.  Soon, day gave way to dusk, and the fireflies came out in full-force.  Little Rhett, the […]

A boy who sleeps with his books? He had me at hello.

This Moment

A boy who sleeps with his books? He had me at hello. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.