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You are cordially invited to join me for the best kind of party.  One where you can wear whatever you like and enjoy it from any location of your choosing.  What kind of party is this, you ask.  Well, it’s a Twitter party.  Please join me and some magnificent people as we discuss self-acceptance on August 2nd from 8 pm until 9 pm EST on Twitter.  We’ll be discussing self-acceptance: what it means to us, how we get there, and where to go from here with it at #beautifulyou. 

What do you need to do?  First, follow me on (@rosiemolinary) so that you can have all the details leading up to the party.  Then light up your computer, smart phone, or handy dandy pad and check into Twitter by 8 pm on August 2nd.  Search for the #beautifulyou page so that you can follow the entire conversation and then just engage.  We’ll introduce ourselves, I’ll ask a few questions to keep the conversation moving, and we’ll just inspire each other with our journeys toward self-acceptance.  It’s as easy as that.  Close to 9 pm, there will be some book giveaways for participants and then we’ll check out at 9 pm, all feeling inspired for our journeys.  If you aren’t on Twitter, go ahead and join.  It’s a fun, easy to use social media tool that allows you to meet fascinating people and learn a whole lot (and this from a woman who isn’t social media savvy- I don’t even have a personal Facebook page- and isn’t always connected to something electronic).   

Are you in?  Let me know so I can be sure to follow you for the big party!  Oh, and keep an eye out here as more details are forthcoming including a great badge for participants to use!

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