The Sunshine Project

I came up with the Sunshine Project last year when I was going through a hectic time and wanted to make sure I was doing what I could do to create joy in my daily life in the midst of tasks and responsibilties.  This year’s equivalent project was been the Summer of Intentionality, but with the amount of madness we’ve had around our house in the last month, I thought I’d revisit The Sunshine Project for a week or so.   And because I love sharing some of the tools I use here, I thought I’d share The Sunshine Project with you. 

Step # 1  Create a list of things you can do easily in your daily life that bring joy or sunshine to your life. 

Step # 2 Create a chart like the one below (except your blocks under 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 should be empty).

Step # 3 Each day, log what you did from your sunshine list into the chart.  You want to aim for at least 5 Sunshine items a day. 

Now, go!  But before you go too far, share with me what is on your sunshine list (I might need to crib your sunbeams for my own list!).     

  #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
Monday  Dressing Up  Playing with Happy  Speaking in Spanish  Cardio  Listening to a book
Tuesday  Playing with Happy   Being with family  Cardio   Enjoying Sunshine  Being with friends
Friday   Playing with Happy      Cooking at home       
Saturday   Being with Friends   Playing with Happy     Being Productive      Pilates   Reading a book
Sunday   Going to see a movie   Playing with Happy   Being Productive      Meditation/ Prayer   8 hours of sleep  

8 hours of sleep*  Solitude*  A walk*  Reading a good book*  Listening to good music*  Sleeping in*  Time at the ocean*  Yoga*  Meditation/Prayer*  Fresh food* Cooking at home*  Being creative just to be creative* Downsizing*  Change of scenery*  Hot Tea* Talking to a friend* Being with a Friend* Playing with Happy*  Enjoying Sunshine*  Doing Cardio*  Pilates*  Lifting Weights*  Watching football*  Enjoying A New Challenge* Driving in the countryside*  Nap*  Dressing Up*  Being Kind, Helpful* Being Productive*  Time with Someone Special* Gardening* Organizing * Taking photographs* Being in nature* Laughing* Stretching* Massage* Teaching* Celebrating Life* Painting* Writing a Thank You Note* Listening to an audio book* Talking to my parents*  Going to see a movie * Being with family

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5 responses to “The Sunshine Project”

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    […] Rosie Molinary, The Sunshine Project […]

  2. sui solitaire

    love love love this idea! tracking & reminding to give yourself sunshine every day is so necessary. ♥

  3. Yvonne Alvarado

    Rosie~ I commend you! I love your blogs and I will go out and buy your books. I have needed the inspiration you have captured in each of your writings. Thanks a bunch~ Never realized the little girl, who was my sister’s friend, Yvette Sepulveda Gerlach, would ever teach me sooo much about my self acceptance in this crazy world we live in. The Sunshine project will be my focus for this week just to remind me that there is happiness in all I do each day of my life. Thanks again friend your the greatest!

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