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photo by Jill E. Williams

Lately, I’ve been thinking in sentences and not paragraphs which is all well and good if I weren’t a writer and didn’t make a living off of paragraphs.  But I do, and I don’t have them right now so rather than fret over it for one more minute, today, I’m giving you sentences.  Make of them what you will.

There is a farm that I pass a few days a week at just the right time and the sunlight behind the cows astonishes me.  I want to be the type of person who has her camera in her car at those times AND is willing to take the time to pull over and snap that photo.  The hardest part about that for me is the camera. 

I cried last week when the big oak came down.  I know that’s ridiculous. I know it hit my house twice and could have reaped even more damage.  But still, as we cut into it, it became clear that it was probably over 200 years old.  That much life gone in just under 2 weeks between her limb crashings and the tree guys.  Our tree guy thinks she (love how I engendered the tree?) first got sick about 15 years ago- which makes sense as there was an addition about then before we moved in and the addition probably damaged her roots.  I couldn’t help but think of her gorgeousness and her secret pain as she came down.  She was a bit like all of us, wasn’t she?

Happy is approaching three and beginning his quest for world domination.  I don’t really want to be in a battle with a three year old over who is boss.  I don’t even really want to talk about it.  Sometimes, the thing that stinks about parenting is that it doesn’t matter what you want.  You have to just put on your grown-up panties and do what needs to be done like send a child to time out for the 47th time in a day.  Or something.

I miss The Voice.  Yep, I am the girl who loves a good singing competition.  And The Voice’s season was way too short.

That said, So You Think You Can Dance is just picking up steam.  And I love it (interestingly, though, I’ve never watched a season of Dancing with the Stars. Ballroom is just not my thing.). 

There is a photo my friend Jill took of a beautiful blue house, and I’ve been dying to figure out how to use this picture in the blog. That house makes me oh, so happy.  So it is here today, just because.

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