Random bits

Bit # 1 Happy told his first lie.

The other day, I had put Happy down for his nap but could hear him chanting for his froggies.  Happy sleeps with a menagerie of animals, including 5 little frogs.  The other thing that long time readers know is that sleep is a challenge for Happy and if you leave him with something to fixate on, he won’t sleep.  So these frogs.  These #@$!% frogs were going to be a problem.  I went back in. 

“I need the froggies, mommy.  PLEASE.”  He told me.

And so I retrieved the frogs that had been thrown all over the room and proceeded to try to reason with the kid.  

“Happy, if you want to sleep with your frogs, you have to leave them in your bed.  You can’t throw them, buddy.”

A light went off in Happy’s eyes.

“Penelope threw the froggies,” He insisted. 

The menagerie. Penelope? The zebra on the right.

Bit # 2 I moved in.

The Sugar Shack move is mostly done and I worked in the space for the first time this week.  Love it. My desk looks out a window into the woods so I can watch the birds.  The dogs (Lola and the neighbor’s dog who is Lola’s BFF and is over all the time) can come in and out.  I don’t get distracted by household stuff (BF will tell you that I didn’t get distracted by household stuff before I moved outside but I did, I just didn’t necessarily do anything about the distractions).  I love my desk- it’s a chef’s table that I picked up at Ikea and I can stand and work, too.  I also love the amount of light that comes in through the windows.  I loathe overhead light and haven’t had to use any lights at all so far.   

There are some things left to do- I want to paint the little storage book shelf– maybe orange?.  I have to finish getting all my books on the fabulous bookshelf that BF made me that is above the door and is 10 feet long.  Love that book shelf.  Need to get a mat to wipe my feet because I am tracking way too much mulch, grass, and pine straw inside (as are the dogs).  There’s no art work up yet, just my vision boards.  I kinda like the blank white walls- it may be that there will be no art hung.  And I need to get used to the sound of the ac unit as I am used to working in total silence.  In fact, the last two days, I’ve just turned the ac off.  Overall, it’s been a great transition, and I think that the SS is going to be a great inspiration. 

The very best part of the SS though isn’t the Shack at all.  It’s that it’s freed up space for Happy to have his “office.”  He is pleased as punch to actually have space where he can spread out and play in the cottage.  He likes to say, “I am going to my office” and then he absorbs himself in his play.  It makes me so, so happy! 

Here’s a shot of the Sugar Shack from the door.


Bit # 3 Summer of Intentionality check-in

So, at the end of May, I shared my Summer of Intentionality list.  It looked like this:

Fly a kite. Take a yoga class at least 8 times.  Take a Pilates class at least 8 times. Go to a farm and pick strawberries. Have a yard sale. Go to a matinee. Grow a great garden. Eat better lunches. Nap in the hammock. Enjoy the flowers.  Set up the sprinkler for Happy to run through.  Read on the porch. Set up the perfect back porch space. Clean out two rooms at my parents’ house. Create 3 works of art.  Roast a chicken. Go bike riding. Relearn how to change my bike tire. Take 3 videos of Happy. Don’t work on the weekends.

And so far my completion rate looks like this: Go to a farm and pick strawberries.  Eat better lunches. Set up the sprinkler up for Happy to run through (except he wouldn’t). 

But we have done some really cool field trips (the farm, the nature museum, a spray garden and picnic, a chicken picnic- thanks for hosting Lauren and Melissa, and a little hike to see goats obliterating some area kudzu). 

A few pictures of some darn cute animals…

 How is your Summer of Intentionality going?  Got a list?  Feel free to share it or a link to it in the comments below.

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  1. Kessia Reyne Bennett

    I LOVE your Sugar Shack. I’m just now getting settled in my new place, unpacking the books for my study. It’s such a blissful thing to have this space for thinking and creating, for nestling in with my books and my thoughts and writing. *Sigh 🙂

    May you enjoy your space to the fullest! May it be a haven and a playground and a workshop. May it bring out the very best of you 🙂

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