The muck is too deep.

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So, I’ve made a decision.  I’m not going out to lunch in July. 

What kind of decision is that?  You are thinking.  And why are you telling us?  Well, I’m telling you because I’ve always been the kind of person who if she writes it, she makes it true.  Thoughts for me are fleeting.  Writing something down?  Firms it into action.  So I’m telling you because, really, I’m telling me.  You aren’t going out to lunch in July, girl.   

You see, I am swimming in it and don’t see any way to recoup unless I really buckle down about how I spend my time.  And here’s my reality.  I have less than 20 hours to work a week this summer and those lunches that I enjoy also take 1/4 of my work time up and my work just isn’t going anywhere.  In fact, it’s kinda growing exponentially on me.  So, I’ve buckling down.  No lunches out for the month of July (I’ve now said it three times.  That has to make it true, right).   

I’m also buckling down in other ways so that this list doesn’t keep getting more unruly.  

This one I alluded to the other day.  I’m just claiming it.  10:30 bedtime. It’s the only way I wake up early enough to get my workout, a shower, and a little bit of desk time in before Happy wakes up raring to go.  So 10:30 bedtime. 

And while it’s not a huge time suck for me (I’ve actually avoided having a personal Facebook account for this very reason), I’ve got to cut back on the web-surfing.  5 minute timeframe for surfing.  I might have to snag Happy’s timer to keep me on task for that one.   

Those are the steps so far, but I am curious about what you do to really buckle down and focus when the muck is too deep.

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2 responses to “The muck is too deep.”

  1. PJ

    Agree on the internet being a time-suck!! But I’m a bit nicer to myself than you – I give myself 15 minute windows 🙂
    But I do use a timer as well. For the house work as well as for the internet. I find if I break my jobs down into 15 min blocks I can get a lot more done because it is less overwhelming.
    But if I’m really getting swamped by it all then I break out a trusty checklist. Nothing feels as satisfying as a lovely list with lots of little checkmarks next to each point (hint: always start your list with things you’ve nearly finished so you can put those first few checkmarks on straight away!!)

  2. Jodi

    I guess this means we’ll have to double up on lunches in June and August 🙂

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