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Sometimes (most times, um, all times) taking the time to write a blog post really is about taking the time to remind myself of what I most need.  And so, Sunday night, when I shared the 25 words exercise for my Monday blog post, I thought I was just sharing an exercise.  And then I typed my 25 words or less statement:

I am a woman who is suddenly aware that I can control my destiny by creating the day I most wish to have. 

Check ‘write Monday blog post’ off the list and move on, right? 

Or not.  Because then, Sunday night, I proceeded to go to bed too late which meant that I woke up too late to squeeze in my morning workout, a shower, and some time at my desk before Happy woke up which then meant that I didn’t really create the day that I most needed to have.  Instead, I created a situation where getting in my work out was a matter of negotiation between mine and BF’s schedules and our family needs and my desk task time exploded so much that I had to put off for another two days (because I don’t have writing time on Tuesdays) the article that I had wanted to write, initially last week, and then, ultimately, on Monday but will now actually be on Wednesday or some other day (thank goodness I work way ahead of deadlines, eh?).  And just like that those 25 words became an illuminating mirror into myself, a crucible.  All I needed to do to create the day that I most wished to have was go to bed on time Sunday night. 

And there’s my lesson. I know I need to create the day that I most wish to have. I know that doing so is about my choices.  But I have falsely believe that the choices that matter start each new morning- that the tomorrow that is before me holds promise unto itself.  But, in fact, creating the day I most wish to have doesn’t begin when I wake up. It doesn’t begin tomorrow.  It begins the night before when I lay my head down after turning the television off and closing my book.  And if I want to have the life I imagine, I can’t just be laissez-faire about bedtime, because my waking time sets my day in motion. 

Creating the tomorrow I most wish to have begins today.  Point taken.  And so, today, I will operate in a way that allows me to get myself back in sync.  That allows me to live the day I most want to live while putting roots in place for my tomorrow.  Hopefully, I’ll get most of it right.  If I don’t, though, I’ll just gently take the note- like I did on Monday- and make the adjustments I need to make with loving awareness and keep going.

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  1. Kessia Reyne Bennett

    Oh, my. Have you been reading my journal?

    I think it will be a fantastic, significant explosion of self-discipline and personal growth if I would


    I think my choice about my day tomorrow begins at bed time tonight, and my choice about bed time tonight is beginning now at 1pm. I learn again: it all begins now! 🙂

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