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The Sugar Shack is looking awesome.  It’s cool wooden walls are ALMOST finished.  I need to pick out a ceiling fan/ light fixture so that there’s not that sad little light bulb staring down at me, and we’ll have painting (a whole lot of painting to do) once the walls are done.  The walls and ceiling will just be white and the concrete floor will be stained a gunmetal type grey (assuming they make that type of concrete stain).  It’ll be a few more weeks still, but I am so excited.

If you are a Charlotte-Davidson local, I am thinking about doing a very low-key, low-cost (maybe $10-$15) summer of intentionality workshop (with art!) on a weekday morning in the coming weeks (after Memorial Day but ideally before school is out). If you think you might be interested, let me know so I can plan for the best location!

Here’s a funny Happy story.  Whenever one of us leaves the house, we say that we’re going to work.  For example, if I am going to book club one night, we just say mommy’s going to work.  Work he gets.  Book club he doesn’t.  The other night, as the bubbles from the bubble bath made their way down the drain, Happy said, very matter-of-fact, “The bubbles are going to work.” 

The last two weeks have been terribly out of the ordinary, and it has left poor Happy undone.  Happy does fine in the moment with any changes or stimulation but it’s the next few days where things fall apart so we’re trying desperately right now to bring things way back down to very, every day life to get him back in the zone.   

Two of the most popular meals to hit the table this week were Inside Out Lasagna  (a great vegetarian dinner) and Blueberry Crisp (a breakfast side for several days this week even though Martha Stewart intended it as dessert.  Next time, I am totally upping the oatmeal amount because I found myself wanting more of it and then I can be even more justified in calling it breakfast).

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