What my intentional summer will look like…


Last week, I blogged about a plan that I had for this summer which I am dubbing The Summer of Intentionality.  The critical first step in the summer of intentionality is coming up with the fun summer list of things to do to pass the summer time (you know, when I am not working or parenting or whatever else reeks of responsibility in my life). 

Here’s the list I have so far:  Fly a kite. Take a yoga class at least 8 times.  Take a Pilates class at least 8 times. Go to a farm and pick strawberries. Have a yard sale. Go to a matinee. Grow a great garden. Eat better lunches. Nap in the hammock. Enjoy the flowers.  Set up the sprinkler for Happy to run through.  Read on the porch. Set up the perfect back porch space. Clean out two rooms at my parents’ house. Create 3 works of art.  Roast a chicken. Go bike riding. Relearn how to change my bike tire. Take 3 videos of Happy. Don’t work on the weekends.

Are you having a summer of intentionality?  If so, what is on your list?

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  1. Madeleine

    What a great list! I even love the colors, makes it even more appealing. Enjoy!

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