Random Bits

Last week, I unveiled my hot mess of a closet:

And, today, I can unveil the overhauled closet:

In other around the house news, The Sugar Shack should be framed on Thursday.  Then, I’m not sure what happens (I’ll have to consult with my general contractor (also know as BF). 

The closet reorganization and sugar shack move has me doing all sorts of organizational work at home.  I’ve been creating a consignment pile of clothes (I’ve always been one to take thing to the local clothing closet or Goodwill, but I have a fair amount of clothes that still have tags on them because I’ve been such an incomplete shopper in the past- ie. I have a dressy blouse that I love but not one thing to wear it with (and, truth be told, it’s about impossible to match something with it and not all that practical for my life anyway) or a dress I love with no shoes or shoes I love with no outfit to go with it.  Anyway, I’ve almost cured myself from the incomplete shopping but still have to get rid of evidence of my past crimes and feel like I should probably consign them and recoup a bit of the cash I spent on these items).  I’ve never consigned before, though- any advice?

I’m also pulling books off the shelf to donate to the library for their annual book sale fundraiser.  I’m dying to get into the attic to pair down what we have in there.  It’s like the last few weeks have given whole new meaning to spring cleaning– especially as my mind is in a state of flux and consideration.  Since I can’t pin down my creative ideas, I’m getting my creating order fix elsewhere.  Anybody else have a mind that operates in this way?

What’s this spring sourcing up for you?

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2 responses to “Random Bits”

  1. Dina

    Rosie’s Writer’s Block: officially OVER!

  2. heather kelly

    I am all for consignment. It is a great way to let go of items that you feel guilty for buying and then giving away. But beware I got hooked on a shop that sold new and consigned goods, so all my consignment money just went back into other new clothes- not exactly solving the problem!

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