Three things


My computer has been acting wonky (because it is oh-so time for a replacement one) and so I need to write quickly before it decides to hold me hostage again the internet land of no return (you know that land, where it looks like it is still trying to change pages or save something but, really, it is holding you hostage) so I am foregoing the longer post I wanted to write for this shorter one that was also rolling around in my head.

I was reading the March issue of O, the Oprah Magazine, and came across a passage that featured books that made a difference to Yoko Ono.  One of the books was 50 Secrets of the World’s Longest Living People (this is ironic given what the other post I have percolating is) by Sally Beare.  Ono says “the best advice is to do three things a day to make somebody happy.  Do that for three months, and your life will be totally changed.” 

I love that advice.  Do three things a day to make somebody happy.  I’ll be back here Tuesday night (if the internet and my computer allow) ennumerating my three things.  What three things did you do today or yesterday to make somebody happy.

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