The Sugar Shack

 “A woman must have… a room of her own if she is to write fiction.”

Virginia Woolf

On Friday, we broke ground on a fun little addition to the cottage.  Well, it’s not an addition as much as it’s an outhouse.  Since we’ve been in the cottage, the third bedroom has been my office.  Now, it’s more of a family office with all three of us having desks in there (well, if you call Happy’s table a desk which we do).  But if the third bedroom is ever going to be used for what the original builder intended it for back in the 1920s, well, then I likely need to move out of it to make room for others (or just one other).  And so I had the idea to build a little office in the backyard, a little office that I’ve nicknamed- for I don’t know what reason- The Sugar Shack. 

On Friday, the concrete was poured for the shack and, this week, we should raise the roof (and the walls underneath it).   Perhaps by May 1st, I’ll be working from The Shack, and I’ll have the little secret garden I have planned for behind it all decked out with a bench and some yard art.  Who knows, if Ms. Woolf is right, the shack might even inspire me to finish the novel that’s been hanging out on my computer for years.

Sugar Shack site

Sugar Shack 10 by 10 Concrete Slab

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