What has your body done for you?

a startling sunset in Roatan, Honduras

On Saturday, as you know, I ran a 5k (okay, ran/walked it) for Circle de Luz.  What you don’t know is that I’ve had bronchitis, a sinus infection, and an ear infection for about 6 weeks and just finished what I hope is my final antibiotic on the Thursday before the 5k.   Typically, if I had signed up for a race and hadn’t been able to train for it like I should have (and in this case, I’d run twice this year before the race), I would have bagged the race.  I maybe wouldn’t have trusted my body.  But I had a role and responsibility, and I was no longer symptomatic with my infections and what I knew to be true was that my body could get me to the other side with some proper care and consideration.  And it did.  Because our bodies often give us what we need.  We just sometimes ignore that because we’re too busy wishing it would look the way we want it to look.   

And, so, today, I want all of us to celebrate our bodies giving us what we need (while we’re busy lamenting wants).  What is something great your body has offered you in the last day?  Maybe it is the sensation of a hug from your child, a kiss from your partner, the exhiliration of a post run high, the satisfaction of moving through a space and getting it cleaned or organized, the sight of a startling sunset, the alluring taste of fresh fruit.  Please share one of those great gifts your body has given you in the last day here.     

And for the next week, think of three great things your body offered you each day.  By doing this, you realize how much more meaning your body has outside of being something to look at, how much more it offers to you then perhaps you’ve every appreciated.

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