Pour Some Sugar In Me

So there is a side-effect to going off the sauce.  Sauce, you say.  What sauce?  If you missed my sauce abandoning post last week, check it out here.    Now, back to the side effect.  For the last two weeks, I have been on a sugar binge of unimaginable proportions.  For perspective, here was my sugar situation before going off the sauce.  Occassionally, once or twice a month, I’d attend a dinner party (book club here, a birthday there) where there was dessert.  I’d rarely turn down dessert, but I’d eat whatever I was served and be satifised.  Maybe one or two other times that month, Happy and I would get a scoop of frozen yogurt.  Maybe.  So maybe four times a month, I’d eat something sweet outside of the daily sauce and that was plenty (although you all know that all bets are off if someone gives me cupcakes). 

However, what I have found in the two weeks since I’ve been off the sauce is that I have a RAGING sweet tooth.  It is indescribable although I will try.  For example, pastries only get made in this house to be taken somewhere else- preschool, a birthday party, as part of a meal for someone who has just come home from the hospital.  So maybe once every other month I make something sweet to be consumed by someone else outside of our home.  In the past week and a half, I’ve made brownies, Devil’s Food cake, mint chocolate chip cookies, and chocolate chess pie.  And they’ve gone nowhere but out of the oven and onto our counter (and then past my lips).  RAGING sweet tooth, I tell you. 

I think the daily sauce quelled my sweet tooth.  And, now, without it, I am looking for alternatives.  Hence, the crazy baking.  So, I suspect that one of my birthday list items is going to have to be moved up the priority list: go off sugar for two weeks.  If there was ever a time for a birthday list intervention, it is now.  If I can just put away the mixing bowl.

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  1. Yvette

    LMAO!! Good Lord Woman just have a coke.. If U want to cut back, then buy those mini cans.. Clearly cold turkey isnt working 😉

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