having visions of, well, visions

When I made my vision board in 2010, I was so proud of it.  In that board, I really focused on parenting, taking time to relax, making art, and doing work that really matters to me. 

And in terms of the visions I had, I did accomplish some of them.  I did parent with intention and really got on a track to better health (ironically until my dad’s health crisis threw everything for a loop because I was out of town for weeks at a time and in a hospital all day long everyday).  I had a more relaxed year in that I didn’t force myself to work in every free second that I had, but I didn’t make time for art which is something I really love as a dabbler.  When it came time to make this year’s board, I was a little skeptical.  Could I make a board as inspiring as last year’s board?  Was there anything that needed to be expressed that wasn’t on last year’s board?  Maybe last year’s board could just count for this year, too?  But I decided to do some searching and found that lots of words and images  resonated.  And, so here is my vision board for 2011. 


First of all, I am kinda wild about the black foam board.  I wasn’t sure how it would play but I like how everything pops off it.  Overall, the messages from this year’s vision board really concentrate on being healthy, mindful, energetic (which is a trait that I think would have easily been used to describe me a couple years ago but is less applicable now although I do want that energy back), empowered, authentic, happy, passionate, and daring.  I just couldn’t resist words like breathing space, connect, and phrases like true calling, find your motivation, mindfulness is about living your life as if it really mattered, own your happiness, take flight, be merry. be bright. be colorful. 

The photographs convey my desire for some lesiure time, some time to make art, raising a spunky and happy little guy who is appropraitely filled up, nurturing our family, being outdoors, and, oh, getting our house the way that I most imagine it (which might be a stretch since the way I imagine it involves a kitchen renovation). 

Now that it is done, I am so happy that I did it and didn’t just justify that last year’s was good enough (it was good enough for… last year).  This year’s board has taken its spot on the top of my office bookshelf with last year’s vision board right behind it (just in case I need a reminder). 

Are you working on a vision board?  If so, what words and images are jumping out at you?  What messages do you want to convey?  And will you please send me a photo as I am hoping to post a collection of vision boards soon!        

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