this moment

Every Friday, Amanda Blake Soule (or Soule Mama) has a ritual on her blog called this moment.  There, she posts a single photo with no words, capturing a moment from the week. As she says, it’s “a simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.” A few days ago, I blogged about my desire to savor moments in my life.  About twelve hours after I wrote that post, I visited SouleMama’s blog for the first time in several months and saw her last Friday moment for 2010.  It felt a bit serendipitous, and because one of my birthday list goals for my 37th year is to take more photographs, this moment seemed a perfect thing to incorporate here periodically.  So, 2011’s first this moment.  And, with that, I’ll be quiet because I’ve already used way too many words.

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