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So, Happy has a tapestry in his bathroom that was handcrafted in Honduras and features many colorful people.  We call them his people.  When we are getting ready for bed, I always tell Happy to say good night to his people.  “Goodnight, people” or “Goodnight, my people,” he enthuses. 

On Christmas Eve, we had a family brunch and Happy, as he is apt to be, was done with the meal in fifteen minutes and ready to go.  Except no one else was done so he had to hang out and wait.  Which meant that things were going to get thrown.  Because that is what our two year old does when he’s done and we’re not.  He throws, in protest (and probably in boredom).  And so we started the timeout/ I’m sorry cycle.  On Time Out number 3, I decided that I would go back to the table to eat for the two minutes of time out rather than stay out in the hallway with Happy supervising his time out.  As soon as I sat back down in my chair at the table, a little voice called out from the hallway, “Mommy, tell my people I’m sorry.”  I still can’t think about it without bending over and laughing.

And speaking of laughing, don’t think you can do it freely and not be punished for it.  Case in point:  Happy and I walked to the post office the other day.  It’s about a half mile from our house.  He refused to go in his stroller so we just did it by foot (want to take a leisurely walk?  Try tackling a 1/2 mile with a 2 year old by foot.).  Anyway, when we finally got to the post office, Happy went marching right up to the door that you open to get to the counter.  Except, unlike every other time that we have been to the post office together, he forgot to open the door and totally clocked his noggin’ on the door.  He was totally fine and so while I comforted him, I couldn’t help but laugh.  Because that’s funny stuff.  Except for Happy had the last laugh.  He refused to walk home after that and so I had to carry the 30 pound toddler home– over every inch of that half mile. 

On Wednesday we celebrated our official 2nd year as a family.  On December 29, 2008, our adoption was finalized in Ethiopia.  It would be another month before Happy was placed in our arms (we had to wait for an embassy appointment to travel to Ethiopia) but our family, for all intents and purpopses, was born on December 29.  2 years.  The days might feel long, but the years are, indeed, fast.

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  1. Yvette

    I love “My People” .. so sweat 🙂

    Why didnt You just take the stroller with you?
    Even if he didnt get in on the way there, there is always the “ya never know” with kids 😉
    Remind me to tell you all about my tricycle story next time we get into a txt-a-thon You’ll understand why I know all about the “ya never know”..lmao

    Happy 2nd Birthday to Your family My Friend 😀

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