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Yesterday while BF was doing Happy’s hair, Happy said, “I love my hair.  Daddy, do you love my hair?  Mommy, do you love my hair?”  Why, yes, we do love your hair, honey.

We had to remove the donkey from the Nativity.  It seems that Happy doesn’t just like to put the outdoor metal animals night, night.  He also likes to put indoor things- especially holiday things- night night.  At last count, we’d lost the Puerto Rican Wise Men glass, 2 snowmen (the twig arms shot off as soon as the snowmen went down for night night), and donkey’s ear.  Donkey was the only one where emergency surgery would work so we whipped out the super glue, mended donkey and put him away until next year, when the odds might be better.

I was the Mystery Reader at preschool on Tuesday.  I prepared thoroughly– picked my books out and practiced them, worked on ways to encourage group participation in the reading, and got there early.  No amount of practice could prepare me for this, though:  Just as I was reading book 2 (Hooray for You!), Happy walked up to me, put his hands down the front of my shirt, and said, “I want milk.”  There you have it. 

And because my humilitation was not sufficient, when BF came home to eat lunch with us, he looked at me and said, “You know your sweater is on inside out, right?”  Um, no, I didn’t.  But I bet everyone who saw all those large side and back tags did.

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  1. Jennifer M

    Oh Rosie, this made me laugh so much! I suppose we all have days like this, but I applaud your ability to laugh and blog about it. I’m sure the story was well read and went over beautifully though. 🙂

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