a visual journal continued…

We hung our made in Kenya Advent Calendar (thanks, Aunt Kristi!).

I had a couple book events and met some incredibly lovely people!

We found the perfect sign for Happy's door.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care (love that double fireplace. My favorite feature in the old, little cottage)


We set up our Nativity table which has this traditional nativity (although the shepherd met Happy last year at an ill-timed moment and lost his hand)...


This glass rendering of the Three Kings from Puerto Rico


And this hand-carved African Nativity set.

We found old school colored lights to hang (I'll have to get a nonblurry picture before the end of the season!).

December and January are full of days to celebrate for our family. In addition to Christmas and New Year’s, we also celebrate the day we legally adopted Happy (December 29th), Three Kings Day (on January 6th, it is a significant Puerto Rican holiday), Ethiopian Christmas (on January 8th- the Ethiopian calendar is different from ours), the day we met as a family (January 26), and the day we came home (January 30).  As we get older, it is easy for our sense of excitement about celebrations to wane.  Though Happy doesn’t yet get everything about the holidays and our special family moments, he is beginning to understand and that’s so exciting to watch, thus reviving our own excitement. 

Do you have favorite holiday traditions or new rituals for celebrating?  Can’t wait to hear them!

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