Read the book, don’t drive fast, and other advice

What would you say to this girl or another one like her?

 Yesterday’s blog post provoked some great additional advice for young women (and men, really) from readers.  Here it is and feel free to add to it! 

No matter how fun it seems…DON’T DRIVE FAST!  – Laura

Listen to your mama!!!- Brenda

You’ll learn a lot more about yourself by listening to you, not to the people around you. – J’aimee

Give your best effort to the jobs you don’t think are worth your time or energy- You’ll be amazed at what you will learn about yourself and the task at hand. – Sonia

You will never get back all that time you wasted worrying about whether your butt looks fat in those jeans! – Aleigh

Never underestimate yourself.  Love yourself as you are first and foremost. – Lulu

Absolutely, always, definitely, always use protection! –Julie

Don’t take life so seriously, and don’t worry constantly about what others think. In the end, most of them will be bald or fat anyway.  – Joelle

You are right – you will never need trigonometry.  – Jenny

Read the book, not the Cliffs Notes. If anything, you’ll be glad when you see a book you’ve already read on your college syllabus.  – Stephanie

Remember always that you are making a difference in someone’s life even if you don’t know that you are.- Jenn

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