37 Things to Do Before Turning 38

a birthday, 30 years ago

Well, it’s coming.  My 37th birthday is almost here (although if you ask my mom, she will tell you that I am 33.  Not for my sake but for her’s.  Although, I am her youngest child so making me younger doesn’t really help her any.  She needs to make my brother younger but that’s a whole ‘nother topic), and with the approaching birthday comes the need to write my annual  birthday list.  What is a birthday list?  In short, a list I write every year of things I want to accomplish, enjoy, experience between this birthday and the next one.  And so, here is the list thus far and the motivating factor for that item making its way on to this year’s list.  What suggestions do you have for the list?  What would you put on yours?    Oh, and this birthday list idea?  Also Day 32 in Beautiful You).

1.  Take Surf Lessons/ Embrace a Passion

2.  Organize Mom and Dad’ Attic/ Nurture My Family

3.  Organize Mom and Dad’s House/ Nurture My Family

4.  Make Art/ Embrace a Passion

5.  Read 37 Books/ Embrace a Passion

7.  Create Family Customs and Rituals/ Nurture My Family

8.  Create a Perfect Back Porch Space/ Nurture My Family

9.  Take dad to a Braves Game/ Nurture My Family

10.  Treat mom to something special/ Nurture my Family

11.  Create More Leisure Time/ Offer Myself Care

12.  Learn How to Roast a Chicken/ Appease My Curiosity

13.  Take a Personal Retreat/ Offer Myself Care

14.  Run 6 miles/ Push Myself

15.  Go to Trapeze School/ Appease My Curiosity

16.  Finish Novel/ Push Myself

17.  Go Sugar Free for Two Weeks/ Offer Myself Care

18.  Try Acupuncture/ Appease My Curiosity

19.  Wean Our Possessions/ Live the Life I Imagine

20.  Learn to Change Tires on My Car and Bike/ Push Myself

21.  Spend a Night Away from son with BF/ Offer Ourselves Care

22.  Learn about College Savings Plans/ Nurture My Family

23.  Create a Five Year Plan for Circle de Luz/ Embrace a Passion

24.  Have a Great Backyard Garden/ Live the Life I Imagine

25.  Go through the Clothes I Own/ Let Go

26.  Make a Vision Board/  Life the Life I Imagine

27.  Do 10 Days of Real Food (Nothing Processed)/ Nurture My Family

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2 responses to “37 Things to Do Before Turning 38”

  1. Jillian

    Wow! Those are some really awesome things to experience/do/try! I have a “deployment” list…I want to teach myself to sew and then make dresses for: littledressesforafrica.org, get to a healthy weight in a healthy manner, fully organize my ‘homeschool’supplies and create a new “daily schedule/weekly rewards chart” for each child, fins the rough draft of my ‘book’ and give it to at least 2 friends to edit/give feedback…
    I am also actively trying to weed through and live with/on less as a gift to myself, my family, my global neighbors, and the earth too!

  2. ashley hibbitts

    Rosie- I want to try acupuncture too. My friends from Greenville go once a month to Charlotte. Apparently the best in the southeast. We could go together!! I thought I would come for a weekend of fun and get acupuncture too. I’m so curious as well.

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