Random Bits

Trick photography: he is so not this demure

Bit # 1: Happy has to take his plate and fork/ spoon to the sink when he’s done eating.  Our cottage is old school and has a completely separate dining room from the kitchen (and there’s no room for anyone to eat in the kitchen) so, in essence, Happy has to leave the room to take his things to the sink.  Of late, I have found his meal items in his bathroom sink.  Crack me up.

Bit #2: Every night, we do a little family huddle before bedtime that involves several bedtime rituals including kisses.  It used to be that mommy kisses Happy and then daddy kisses Happy but, of late, Happy shouts, “Everybody Kisses!” and we have to do a triangle shaped kiss.  Also cracks me up.

Bit #3:  Happy takes his nap in his pack and play.  Don’t even ask.  If you’ve been around for the last 20 months or so, you know that sleep is a delicate terrain in this house.  We finally accomplished nighttime sleeping after a year of no sleep and some medication.  We finally accomplished day time sleep about two months ago and an integral part of success with daytime sleep was preschool wearing the little boy out in a way that mama never could– no matter how many parks we visited in one day (and I often called our days the Tour of Parks).  Anyway, for the last few days, Happy has come into the house after preschool and gone directly to the corner in his bedroom where his pack and play is broken down and started pulling it out to set up for his nap.  Kid can’t wait to take his nap.  Oh, how the tide has shifted (thank goodness.  Please knock wood now!).  In other sleep-related news, in another day, the sleep medication for nighttime gets phased out.  I would be lying if I said there is no anxiety about this, but here’s to hoping that Happy has developed a pattern of sleeping that sticks!

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3 responses to “Random Bits”

  1. Jillian

    Love all the random bits! He is so precious! and YEA YEA YEA for sleep! What a gift!

  2. Rosa

    That is so precioso!!! Sweet dreams and butterfly kisses to you all!

  3. Carole Turner

    Look at him growing up!! Ugh! He is a little man now! I love that you call him “happy” such a sweet baby. Love you all!

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