Happy Halloween!

So our town does a Halloween march every year where the kids line up at town hall and then march down Main Street and the merchants give out goodies (sure, there’s candy but there are also Halloween safety tips from the town insurance guy and toothbrushes from the town’s pediatric dentist).  Last year, Happy had just started walking so we pulled the little lion cub down the street in a wagon. 

The happy little lion cub.

This year, Happy was a fireman on the run. 

Running out the house like there is a real fire call.

What is that?

Can I have some now?

A satisfying day on call.

My favorite costumes of the parade was a little girl dressed up as Annie.  She was adorable!  And a dear friend of mine dressed up as Princess Leia because her boys were various Star Wars characters (how awesome is that?).  How was your Halloween?  What were the costumes making their debuts at your house?  And what treat were you most happy to try out for your kid (mmm, I was happy to see Sweettarts and Tootsie Rolls in the bucket)?

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3 responses to “Happy Halloween!”

  1. Jennifer M

    Happy Halloween! I loved that last picture. We weren’t very original, but Gigi desperately wanted to be Buzz so it only made sense that Gav was Woody. They were pretty cute, and had lots of fun. As for the candy, I went for the Nerds. 🙂

  2. Jillian

    He is sooo cute! (we dont do Halloween, but we do enjoy the candy!) Love the fireman outfit!

  3. Yvette

    Oh My God. Hes KAY-UTE! Great smile.. Love it

    Hween was fun.. made a few ppl cry 😀 yes some were kids but when the parents tell me to scare them I had to do it ;-).. We saw vamps, witches, ninjas, Army/Police/fire men and every fairy princess U can think of.. But My faves had to be the Mario Bro. from the video games and the Minnie Mouse.

    I Gave Away a mix of candy.. reeses-gum-sweettats-lolipops-and my fave now-&-Laters.

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