You can start a Body Image Revolution

Are you bored with ‘managing’ your weight, sick of ‘watching’ every thing you put in your mouth, or tired of being embarrassed when you look at your body in the mirror?

What if there was another way to be a woman?

A way that honored all of you, just the way you are, rather than just what you’re not? A way that recognized everything you DO do, rather than just what you don’t? A way that helped us decide who and how we WANT to be, rather than trying to fit us in the picture of perfect in a magazine or movie?

There is a way, it’s called The Body Image Revolution, and it starts on Thursday October 21, I’m part of it and you can be too. I am teaming up with eleven other international body image experts in one big Telesummit to bring you the real facts about your weight and your health, Practical ‘How-To’ Tips to help you see your body and your life, just how it is right now, in a new light that is more real, more powerful, and more YOU.

I know if you’ve been part of my community for a while, you know some of these things, but look closely. Are you still thinking about all the things your body is not, still not doing the things you want to do, still not giving yourself the loving attention you give so easily to others?

Do you know:

  • What kinds of toxic junk are our food and our cosmetics, and what that stuff does to our health and well-being?
  • That thin does not necessarily equal healthy – and the science that tells you what’s really going on?
  • What the “War on Obesity” is really about – and who’s winning?
  • What our cultural obsession around female breasts is about?
  • How much exercise is “enough” or what is “right” for your body?
  • Your daughter and other young women around you are massively influenced by what you say and do – and how to make that influence positive?
  • What you can do, easily, cheaply, in your own home, to “improve” wrinkles – and not a knife or needle in sight?
  • Just how many women are working to change this wretched culture of hating our bodies, and that they’re doing fabulous, fun, exciting things along the way?
  • You can look and feel gorgeous if the cut and color of your clothes suits YOUR body?
  • What magazines really think of our female bodies, and how they pass on their nasty stinking thinking to our girls, through their pages?
  • That you can record your life and body story in a unique way, with an artist’s eye?
  • Practical easy ways to make small changes in your life, that give great feelings to you and those around you, for your whole future?
  • And much, much more…. from these innovative, powerful speakers.

You can learn this and more all from the comfort of your own home when you participate in our telesummit. It’s free or if you decide to participate in the phone calls, just the price of the call. Click here to check it out  at

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