Lost and Found: What Would You Do?

Happy and I went pumpkin patching the other day with good friends.  While we were snacking under a tree, my friend, Jen, shared a story that had happened to her that morning.

After stopping at the local Starbucks for a morning treat with her husband, they found a wad of twenties on the sidewalk outside.  The cash was likely at least $60 dollars, judging from the size of the folded bills, but could have been as much as $120, Jen figures.  Anyway, she and her husband went around to everyone in the coffee shop, asking if it was their cash.  It was no one’s. 

But as they were getting confirmation that the money belonged to no one and Jen grew more panicked about what to do with it, Jen began to realize that everyone seemed to think that the money was Jen’s for finding it.  “It’s your lucky day,” one person insisted. “It’s yours,” someone suggested.  And, yet, Jen couldn’t help feeling like the money wasn’t at all hers.  Struggling with what to do now that the money’s “owner” (or maybe I should say the money’s earner) hadn’t turned up, Jen and her husband deposited it in the tip jar at Starbucks (they did ask the folks at Starbucks about the money- they had no ideas- and the Starbucks folks knew that Jen put the money in there so if someone came back and said, “I lost $100” then the Starbucks crew could give it back). 

As Jen told me about the situation, I was struck by what a dilemma it was.  So, here’s your question: you come across a $100 outside your local coffee shop.  What do you do?  Any other ideas than what Jen came up with?  Do you agree with the folks at the coffee shop that it was now Jen’s money?  Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Alexandrialeigh

    Honestly…I would probably go around asking people if they’d lost it, and then if the owner didn’t turn up, I’d donate it to a nonprofit. Couldn’t keep it because it would burn a hole in my pocket, and at least that way I’d know it went to a good cause! 🙂

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