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Launch Party Cupcakes!

My favorite shot of Launch night, seriously.

Well, the book has been officially launched– thanks to my wonderful friends and family who came out on a beautiful fall night to celebrate.  And, now, Beautiful You is going on a blog tour! For sixteen days Q&As, book giveaways, and reviews will be popping up on a variety of blogs. Thanks so much to my blog tour hostesses for their support, enthusiasm, and fabulous questions! 

Follow the tour here:

• Sunday, October 10th – Kate, a minister recovering from an eating disorder who blogs about healing- in all its forms- at Thighs and Offerings, offers an introduction. 

• Monday, October 11th – Jillian (who adopted her boys from Ethiopia at the same time we adopted Happy- and so we had the wonderful fortune of having her and her family come into our lives) will host Beautiful You at Family Rooted in Love

• Monday, October 11th – Polly Campbell, a freelancer with a blog that focuses on spirituality, will host Beautiful You at Imperfect Spirituality.

• Tuesday, October 12th – Marisol (a talented artist and teacher who I met when I was interviewing women for Hijas Americanas) is hosting Beautiful You over at Amaretto Girl in honor of her Body Love focus. 

• Wednesday, October 13th – Polly Campbell hosts BY again at Imperfect Spirituality.

• Wednesday, October 13th – Marjolein (who is Dutch) has a great book review, giveaway, and author Q&A  blog and will host Beautiful You at Marjolein’s Book Blog.

• Thursday, October 14th – Kate hosts BY again at Thighs and Offerings.    

• Friday, October 15th – Dara Chadwick, author of You’d Be So Pretty If, hosts. 

• Saturday, October 16th – Molly Barker, Founder of Girls on the Run, hosts at her Molly on the Run blog.

• Sunday, October 17th – Susan Ely, writer and foodie, hosts at TurtleMuse. 

• Monday, October 18th –  Tracy hosts BY at her blog, The Chameleon’s Backbone which focuses on discovering who we are, our true selves, what lies beneath it all, our cores.   

• Tuesday, October 19th – Author of Odd Girl Out and The Curse of the Good Girl, Rachel Simmons, will review Beautiful You. 

• Tuesday, October 19th – In 2008, Golda founded Body Love Wellness, a wellness company that provides individual and group counseling from a Health At Every Size perspective, and hosts Beautiful You.   

• Wednesday, October 20th – Melissa Hart, author of Gringa and writing professor, features a marketing Q&A on her writing blog.    

• Thursday, October 21st – Veronica blogs about motherhood and feminism at Viva La Feminista and hosts BY. 

• Friday, October 22nd– Dineen blogs and teaches at Eat Without Guilt where she’ll host BY. 

• Saturday, October 23rd– Ironwoman, mom, and entrepreneur, Mary Kathryn blogs at The Bullpen where she’ll host BY. 

• Sunday, October 24th– Sarah blogs about parenting, culture, and life at Fighting Windmills where she’ll host BY. 

• Monday, October 25th– Elyssa chronicles her ever-abiding search for beauty, stillness, and spiritual purpose at Fancy Pantalons where she’ll host BY. 

Hope you’ll take the journey with me!

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