Celebrate Your Birth Day

from last year's list: plant a garden

I am a girl with systems.  I’ve got a written calendar where I keep track of my appointments.  I’ve got a year-long to do notebook that allows me to list 34 things to do on every day of the year.  I list everything that takes me more than five minutes- my workout, making Happy’s lunch for preschool, switching out my fantasy football line-up as well as write an article draft, update spreadsheets, call So and So.  The elaborate to do list and carefully kept calendar have been my thing since high school (I refuse to let electronics to take over these things for me- writing down my lists and appointments seem to imprint them for me and highlighting each item when it’s done is so satisfying) but it is my birthday “system”- the annual birthday list– that gives me the most satisfaction (which is saying a lot). 

When it came time to write Beautiful You, the birthday list seemed like an absolute for inclusion.  It is officially Day 32.  But I had no idea how the birthday list would be received.  It’s a big commitment that requires readers to really embrace the entirety of the Beautiful You concept.  And while it’s early yet to know what someone thinks of the birthday list and especially how the list goes for them, I was graced today with this incredibly early and surprising feedback from a young woman who was an editorial intern at Seal Press when my proposal made its way across their desks.  Here is a little of what she wrote on her blog in a post called That One Book Proposal on Monday: 

Last summer as an editorial intern, I had the pleasure of dissecting a proposal for a fantastic book by Rosie Molinary called Beautiful You: A Daily Guide to Radical Self-Acceptance. Now, I look over a lot of proposals in my field of work. A lot. And I always feel like I forget almost every single one of them. But this one literally changed my life. I read through each sample chapter, enjoying the premise of the book: that you should appreciate who you are – as an individual, not just as a mother, sister, friend, or girlfriend – each and every day. Then I got to a section where she suggests making a list of goals every year for your birthday. The number of goals should equal the number of years you’re turning. The idea was infectious. During my lunch break, I walked to a nearby park and wrote frantically, filling up the page with all the things I dreamed for myself. It felt substantial in a way that New Years resolutions never do. It felt necessary.

Back to me  (note: read how Carrie’s first list turned out– she turns 23 next week and has a new list to craft– on her blog!):   and so, in honor of the birthday list, in honor of Carrie’s birthday and her list, in honor of BY coming out, in honor of your birthday, it is time for some celebrating.  In the comments section, share at least one thing that you’d like to do– it does not have to be of the colossal bucket list variety and can just be a nice, good stretch for who and where you are right now (one of my list items this year was taking my eight-year-old Kitchen Aid mixer out of the box for the first time and using it)– before your next birthday.  I’ll take comments until 8 am EST on Monday, October 11th.  Then, everyone’s name will go in the Halloween pumpkin jar on my desk  and one winner will score a signed copy of Beautiful You. 

I’ll get us started.  My next birthday list will include: take more surf lessons.

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11 responses to “Celebrate Your Birth Day”

  1. Carrie

    Thanks, Rosie! I’m glad you got to see what I wrote – the blogosphere is a beautiful thing.

    Anyway, I was thinking about it today, and I realized that these lists are really about never letting a year go by unnoticed. Every year is really a chance to become even more amazing! That’s also a beautiful thing.

    I haven’t written my list yet, but running a marathon is going to be number one. It will definitely be followed by “get a massage.”

  2. Laura Caputo

    Running the Rock N Roll Half Marathon on November 5, 2011! That will be on my birthday list this coming February 8th.

  3. Yvette

    I want to finish the floor in my bathroom.. Lived in this house for 2 yrs now and the corners arent done! Oh and I want to see a UFC Fight in person. 😀

  4. m

    i want to finish my basement

  5. Danielle

    My birthday was in may and the list included – bless and release the people, things and areas in your life that no longer serve you in being the person you were meant to be.

  6. Beautiful You Giveaway | Rosie Molinary

    […] You on Monday. All you need to do is share one thing you want to do before your next birthday on this post. Good […]

  7. Lizmary

    Before March 2011 I would like lose the 10 pounds I’ve gained in the last year.

  8. Catherine Anderson

    Rosie, I’m so glad I discovered your blog today as I’m hosting a 60th birthday celebration today and I’m going to share this with all those present!

    I’d like to have started my online workshops and videos by my next birthday (my 51st!)

  9. Lisette

    Apply to a Master’s Degree program.

  10. Jennifer Kramer

    I want to skydive!

  11. Jillian and Crew

    Learn how to sew!

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