Be a Body Warrior to Meet

One of my favorite body warriors: Ruth

A weekly feature I used to do here on the blog was “A Body Warrior to Meet.”  And the launch of Beautiful You is the perfect time to bring it back.  It featured women of all ages and backgrounds celebrating their body, beauty, and identity.  So, would you like to be A Body Warrior to Meet?    

If so, answer the questions below in an e-mail (send to and provide me with a jpeg image of you. I’ll only use your first name as an identifying characteristic (no age, city, etc).   When your week comes up, I’ll send you an e-mail to let you know to check it out.  And if you were a Body Warrior to Meet a few years ago, you are welcome to be one again (it’ll be interesting for you to see how your answers have changed over time).  Thanks so much for considering!  

First Name:   

What I love about myself: 

My biggest challenge in accepting my body and beauty:

My biggest support in learning to appreciate myself:

Beauty is:   

Why I am strong:   

Why I am beautiful: 

What women must know:

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