So, I had to do a very small, yet minorly public thing today for the new book.  And I got paralyzed (even though no one will even I know I did it for a bit).  I finally did it, but it made me realize that I need to get my gumption going because pretty soon I’m going to need to start promiting Beautiful You out the wazoo and, though it’s not my thing– I don’t think anyone becomes a writer because they are excited about having to put themselves out there- I do believe in this little book and want it to land in people’s hands who it can help.  And I might actually have to leave my house in something other than workout clothes and open my mouth in order for people to know about it.  I’m getting my game face on.  And I hope you don’t mind the promotions that appear on here in the coming weeks as Beautiful You takes off.  I’ll have other blog content in here, too, but the promotion has to happen and it seems like this is the friendliest place to do it so I’ll need to spend a little bit of time on space at sharing the merits of the Beautiful You experience.  Thanks for your grace along the way! 

In other exciting news, we’re changing faces around here, soon!  For years, I’ve had a blog and a separate web-site and that is a whole lot for a not very technologically capable gal to keep up with so I am merging them.  Soon, will become  When that happens, you’ll land on the home page of and will need to choose the blog tab to come here.  And please come here.  Because I’ll miss you if you don’t and because I’ll need a little squad of friends to get me through the next month of book promotion (the sometimes lonely world of book promotion, I might add).  For now, you don’t need to do anything.  When the change happens, you’ll enter in Hijas and it’ll redirect you immediately to  We’re hoping there’s not downtime between the transition but who knows for sure with technology so if you get the computer screen version of static, just try again later. 

Alright, happy weekend, friends.  Go out and drink in some sunshine (under a layer of sunscreen).

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