Random Bits

The lunchbox that needs filling.

The random bits are coming early this week (because random bits are good when one has writer’s block and an imminent deadline for what you hope will become a major project suddenly sprung on  you). 

First, some advice is needed.  Alright, mamas, papas, aunts, uncles, grandmamas, grandpapas, caretakers, what have been some of the two year old’s in your life’s favorite noshes?  Happy would eat eggs for breakfast and a peanut butter and fruit spread on multigrain everyday for lunch if he could, but the kid needs some main course food variety– especially for preschool lunches (where sunflower butter is substituted for peanut butter) that go with him to school in his lunch box and can’t be heated.  What have been hits with the little ones in your lives? 

And, now, for this week’s bits.

1.  My sister called to say that my nephew approached her with this question the other day.  “Happy’s just a baby right now.  When will he be a boy?”  I think it’s happening much too slow for my sweet four-year-old nephew but way too fast for this mama. 

2.  BF and Happy went to the beach this past weekend.  In the grocery store checkout there, the little boy in front of them, who had been studying Happy and BF, finally blurted out, “How did you get a black baby?”  Five or six years old is when kids start to notice color/ ethnicity and try to better understand how that all fits into things so it was absolutely age appropriate for this little boy to ask– especially if he’s never seen multi-racial families around him.  BF said that before he could engage (he did get out a “Well, he’s adopted…”), the boy’s mom, mortified, dragged him out of the store.  Bummer, because it’s not at all shameful to be curious about how families come together, and we’re always happy to engage in that sort of productive conversation.  We both feel kinda bad that that mama may have felt embarrassed for what was absolutely normal.

3. I received a ransom note today.  Well, not a ransom note.  An SOS note.  It seems that while BF was putting Happy down for his nap, he couldn’t smoothly transition a sleeping Happy into this crib from BF’s arms.  Now, the solution to this problem is breaking BF and Happy’s habit of falling asleep together before Happy goes down for his nap and putting Happy down awake but BF has no desire to know what my solutions are after the year and a half that we have suffered with Happy’s sleep (Bizarrely, Happy goes down at night with nary a tear.  It’s just the naps where he desires the coddling.), and Happy has no desire to let mama put him down for his naps because he knows that mama’s plan does not involve endless minutes of coddling.  Did I think that or type that?  Anyway, BF came home for lunch and went to put Happy down, and Happy was in an especially pitiful state because he was too tired from pre-school (just his third day) and because he is having this awful allergic reaction to sand flea bites that he suffered on the beach.  Anyway, about 30 minutes after BF entered the room, I noted that he was still in there.  At my computer, answering emails, this comes across the screen from BF:

Baby is asleep but as I move he wakes up. I am being held hostage. What should i do?

Back to me:  I’ll have you know that I successfully brokered a surrender.  I will not say which party gave up. 


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2 responses to “Random Bits”

  1. Isha

    Some thoughts from babysitting:
    -Coldcuts wrapped around cheese sticks
    -Egg salad wrapped in a tortilla
    -Ants on a log w/ nut butter and raisins
    -babybell cheese chunked up with grape tomatoes and shell pasta
    (eaten with fingers)
    -lunch box cereal balls (also popular with teachers ;-))
    Lunch Box Treats

    Here you go:
    Adapted from Nigella Express – Good Food, Fast – Nigella Lawson

    Makes 25 treats

    1/2 cup rice malt syrup

    1/4 cup butter

    2 oz milk chocolate

    2 cups crispy rice cereal

    1 cup cornflakes

    1/2 cup quick-cooking oats

    1/2 cup sesame seeds

    1.Melt the syrup, butter, and chocolate gently in a heavy-bottomed saucepan.

    2. Add all the other ingredients, turning to coat well.

    3. Using your hands, shape the mixture into walnut sized balls. You should get about 25; you could also make this using a 12-cup muffin pan with paper liners to get 12 cupcakes.

    4.Let them sit in a fridge for an hour or so, and they will keep quite happily in there for a week of treats.

  2. Steph

    Harry loves minicukes halved, hollowed out and filled with hummus. Also English muffins with laughing cow or cream cheese spread. Our pediatrician won’t allow nuts until 3, so poor Harry has no idea about nut butters(but it will rock his world someday!).

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