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A "better blueberry muffin" is enjoyed at Happy's party.

We’ve really enjoyed some new recipes over the last few weeks and thought you might enjoy some leads on your end. 


Better Blueberry Muffins were featured in Shape Magazine in July and are just amazing.  I made them for Happy’s birthday party and have also made a dozen for the family the last couple weekends so we had them for breakfast and snack throughout the week.  They are easy to make, are delicious, and are pretty healthy for a muffin. 


The easy homemade pizza has become a fast hit here for lunch.  I take a multi-grain tortilla, top it with tomato sauce that I add Italian Seasonsings to, and then cover with mushrooms, other toppings of choice, and a sprinkle of mozzarella and cheddar cheese.  I bake it at 350 for 18 minutes and, walla, we have a small homemade pizza. 


Apricot and White Chocolate Cereal Bars.  These bars are chewy, not too sweet, have just the right amount of chocolate, and require no baking.  I used diced dried mango instead of apricots and they were fabulous. 


Pappardelle with Peas and Parmesan.  I found this recipe in O The Oprah Magazine, and we have loved it.  It’s really satisfying, the pea “sauce” is fabulous, and I have added shrimp to it with great success.  Moreover, it seems fancy and yet is a piece of cake to make.  It’s been good for a family meal and for book club (and my book club is filled with great cooks and a professional chef and they all loved it).

Inside Out Lasagna takes vegetable lasagna ingredients like mushrooms, spinach, and ricotta and gives you a whole new take on the dish.  Lasagna is the birthday meal I choose every year because while I love it, I hate making it.  Ricotta ends up on the kitchen cabinets; things are a mess; I am left disgruntled.  So a recipe that had the flavor of lasagna without the complication thrilled me.  All of us had seconds of this low calorie meal. 


Maya Angelou’s Banana Pudding.  Yep, I have Maya Angelou’s banana pudding recipe.  It’s quite the coup, right?  Except for that she shared it with O The Oprah Magazine and so every one of Oprah’s millions of readers have Maya Angelou’s banana pudding recipe.  And this recipe?  Delicious.  Yes, you make the pudding from scratch and you make meringue in lieu of using cool whip and, yes, it is so worth it.  And a note from the learned the hard way file:  the first time I made this recipe, I used my hand mixer for the meringue.  It turned out as flat as my hair the day after getting it straightened.  The second time I made this recipe, I used my Kitchen Aid mixer.  Why didn’t I use my Kitchen Aid Mixer the first time?  Because it was still in its box, taped shut, never opened after it was given to us as a wedding gift more than 8 years ago.  But I realized that my meringue needed more muscle and that called for the Kitchen Aid so we took the mixer out of its box to audition for the role of merigue maker.  Guess what?  That merinque rivaled the friggin’ Himalayas; it was that beautiful.  

What recipes have been a hit with you lately?  Would love to know.

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