Random Bits

Bit # 1  Happy has started preschool.  The best part of preschool in Happy’s mind? The backpack.  The worst part of preschool?  Not saying goodbye to me.  The worst part is having to take off his backpack to get in his carseat.  That elicits tears.  Saying goodbye to me?  Not so much. 

BF has decided that Happy’s affection for his backpack is a direct reflection that I am his mother.  I own an absurd number of tote bags and backpacks and love to travel with lots of little bags that each have a theme (Happy’s toys, car snacks, car reading, you get the picture).  So, BF thinks that baby’s love of the backpack is all me. 

And, overall, Happy had a great first day though his teacher did say that they were working with him on sitting still and keeping his hands to himself.  Ya think?  Hooray for message back-up.  That might be the very best pre-school benefit. 

Bit # 2   For years, we’ve had a St. Frances statue in our yard as well as some quirky animals made from recycled scrap metal. Lately, Happy has wanted to put every animal and Saint in the yard down for “night-night.”  The other day, the kid was running through the yard with something in his hand.  Upon closer inspection, we discovered it was St. Frances’s head.

“Where does that leave us with God,” BF wondered aloud.

As you can see from the photo above (where Happy is grinning with backpack glee), St. Frances has undergone surgery and is like new.  Thank goodness for superglue!

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2 responses to “Random Bits”

  1. Yvette

    lol @ that face!! I wanna cover with kissies..

    oooh so Ur one of those moms.. a bag for everything..luv it! meanwhile my cousin Amanda brings Luke for a visit with ONE extra pamper and a sippy cup..lmao

  2. Jennifer Kramer

    He is getting so big. I am so sorry we missed the birthday party…was a bad weekend. I will fill you in later. Hoping we can plan a time to get boys together soon. We will drive to you.

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