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This, as you might imagine, wasn't so hard.

Boy, did I run into some good fortune last week when I was able to head to the beach with Molly Barker (founder of Girls on the Run), Donna Scott (actor and producer), and Amy Combs (Director of Charlotte Center for Balanced Living).  We all know each other professionally but haven’t really had a chance to be social as a group and so we took last week and just went (to the alligators).  It was such a laid back weekend, that we went out to dinner at just one restaurant (even though we were there more than one night) because when it came time to discuss where dinner was, we didn’t have the desire to fuss over the details of possible choices.  Other than a brief encounter with an alligator (well, it was in the creek- about 15 feet away- as we walked by on our way to the beach.  When we had to walk back by on our way back to where we were staying, we couldn’t see it.  So we crossed the road).  The weekend was filled with sleep, sitting around, a bit of reading, and an absurd amount of laughing that made my spleen hurt.  And, yes, we shared ideas, too, but very little of that because that would have constituted work.  The surge from a weekend so well spent has really given me a charge in week 2 of the Sunshine Project.  

I had the mammogram and here is what you need to know: it’s no big deal.  Seriously, if I, the world’s biggest medical fainter, can get through it without even a flinch, anyone can do it.  So quit putitng it off (if you have been doing so) and make your appointment.  Taking care of yourself is an absolute highpoint on the Sunshine list. 

You know that sibling rivalry is still going strong when you see that both you and your brother’s teams are named Team Molinary in your fantasy football league and you change your team’s name to Cool Molinary.  And on that note, let’s shout hooray for the return of football season.

The other  night, the three of us (me, Happy, and BF) were riding down the road in BF’s car.  Incapable of just sitting in the car without something to do, I brought catalogs to thumb through while we drove.  All of a sudden, BF said, “Oh my goodness!  He’s your mini-me.”  I turned around to see Happy engrossed in some book he found in the backseat.  That is my boy.  If this continues though, I know all his secrets.  First, I’ll find a book in his lap during dinner.  Then, I’ll know when he gets up from the table mid-meal and says he has to run to the bathroom really quickly that, really, he was just at a pivotal point in that chapter and needs to go finish it. 

Happy has taken to saying, “Yeah, baby.”  No, he hasn’t seen Austin Powers and we don’t even quote Austin Powers around here, but it is still really cute and funny.

I guess I have said, “That’s you” one too many times to Happy when we are looking through pictures of him because now he shouts, with glee, “You” anytime he sees a picture of himself. 

This weekend marks our two year anniversary of Happy coming into our life.  Come back tomorrow for a special post about that.

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