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Had a wonderful, revitalizing weekend at the beach– very good medicine for The Sunshine Project.  As happens with any vacation, you come home to a sea of things to do and so here is a brief round up for you so that I can slay this crazy list with way too many things staring at me from it.   

On Tuesday, August 17th, at 9 am, I’ll be on Charlotte Talks to discuss Cover Girl Culture, a documentary by Nicole Clark.  We’ll discuss media beauty standards and their implications, along with a few others things.  Here’s the information you need if you want to listen.    

On Wednesday, August 18th, The Women’s and Gender Studies Department at UNC-Charlotte is hosting a free screening of Cover Girl Culture for middle-school girls and their parents.  The screening is at 6:30 pm in After Hours at the Cone University Center.  You can get more information here.   

My friend, Tatiana, volunteers at the Levine’s Children Hospital in Charlotte.  On one of her recent shifts in the Family Resource Library, she noticed that they are running really low on children’s books of all types.  If you live in the Charlotte area, do you have any books that your children have outgrown that you’d like to donate?  If so, shoot me an email at and I’ll put you in touch with Tatiana.

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